Avraham Fried - Don't Hide from Me - אברהם פריד

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מתוך אלבומו ה-17 'ברכה והצלחה'
שיצא בשנת 1995

Don't hid....

מתוך אלבומו ה-17 'ברכה והצלחה'
שיצא בשנת 1995

Don't hide from me
Though I know that you are truly there, everywhere
Still in all, I cannot see you
Don't hide from me
It's been so long since last I saw you smile

Don't hide from me
Where's the promise you would take my hand, understand?
My life is not complete without you
Don't hide from me
I need to see you more than never now

Two thousand years
Is a million years too long
To search for the light
That I have never known
Show me your face
I need your embrace
Won't you please come out of your hiding place?
Take me under your wing
Teach me how to sing
The one song the world wants to hear
Oh, father dear

Don't hide from me
Since you're hiding more and more each day
Why I pray?
I keep looking, you keep hiding
Oh, I feel so alone
I'm calling to you
Father, please come home!

Who would believe
Walls of darkness finally have come down all around
But the walls that stand between us don't want to fall
Tell me the final secret to it all

Don't hide from me
Is my one and only plea
Father, can't you see
I'm calling desprately?

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